Rent a Charter Bus – Reliability Matters

When traveling in a group, comfort and reliability is top. We had a client the other day that had used another Orange County Charter Bus company and boy did they have a nightmare experience.

You can tell people all you want about how important reliability is but until they experience it for themselves, it really doesn’t resonate.  If you rent a charter bus, reliability matters. A lot!

The customer, who had used our charter bus service many times before said they were given a coupon deal for $125.00 off the charter bus rental for a 8 hour local trip. The bus was to take them to a San Diego casino from Orange County, allow them to gamble for 5 hours and then drive back.

What was supposed to be an enjoyable Saturday gambling turned into an all day trip to hell when the “cheap charter bus” they used broke down on the way to the casino. After being stranded at a local cafe for 2 hours while the bus waited for help to repair a blown tire, the group was back on the road. They made it to the casino where they gambled and stayed for 4 hours but had to cut it short because of the blown tire issue.

As they headed back to Orange County, the charter bus began to overheat and came to a stall. The group of 16 passengers who had all planned the trip together found themselves stranded once again while they waited for a replacement bus to come pick them up. 3 hours later they were finally on their way.

Our customer said they should have spotted the signs right away but figured everything would be fine. Looking back she said the bus was not very dependable looking with old looking tires and seemed to rattle a lot and had trouble keeping the A/C going which caused the bus to be stuffy and hot.

Cheap doesn’t always equal quality and when it comes to something like transportation, there are no shortcuts. A good charter bus company will do weekly maintenance on the buses to make sure everything is safe and sound. People count on us to provide a safe environment and having a quality vehicle is a top priority that a lot of these so called discount charter bus services simply don’t provide.

Remember, when you rent a charter bus, reliability matters!