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Party Bus Rental Guide & FAQ

1- How Do I Determine What Size Party Bus I Need To Rent?

Read our Party Bus Rental Guide and If you have any questions, don't hesitate in contacting us. A good rule of thumb is 1 or 2 less then the stated number of passengers unless you are ALL thin or prom kids or don't mind being squeezed in a bit! Party buses have bench style seating so all seating estimates are based on weight capacity of the bus divided by 160 which is the weight of an average adult! Some are larger some smaller, so depending on the size of the individuals in your group you may seat a few more or a few less then the stated passenger capacity of the party bus. We leave it up to you to size up your passengers and rent the size you need.

2- What's In The Party Buses?

Mega Watt Sound Systems
IPOD hookup
DVD Players and Screens (most)
NO cable TV (ha-ha , get it?)
Neon Lighting (most)
Laser Lighting (some)
Back Bar LightingRestroom (some) Stargazer Ceiling Lights (some)
Lighted Floor (some)
Privacy Partition
Mini Bar With Water, Sodas, Ice
(Save $$ Bring Your Own Booze)
Dance pole / stripper pole
Blackout Shades (some)Beer Keg with tapper (some)

IMPORTANT! Not everything is in All of the party buses we offer but most of the equipment listed above is in most of the party buses! If you see something on the list above that you simply MUST have in your party bus rental please ask the reservationist if that item is actually in the party bus you want to rent before you book it!

3- Are There Stripper Poles In The Party Buses?

Yes and no! There are poles in most of the buses and some people love to call them stripper poles but they are only stripper poles if you start stripping on them. So we we prefer to call them safety poles, entertainment poles or dance poles. So don't be put off by people calling them stripper poles... they just like the sound of it!

4- How Soon Should I Book A Party Bus in Orange County?

This is important! Party buses in Orange County are LIMITED! They are not like taxis or even limos in that there are not 100's of them around so book it now. The sooner you book the ride the better. It's easy to do, so why wait and take a chance on missing out on the one you like.

There is a big demand and a short supply of good party bus rentals in Orange County! The good ones rent up quickly for weekends and well in advance for high demand occasions like concerts, academy awards and Rose Bowl games or other major sporting events! Prom party bus, winter formals and homecoming dances are some of the other really high demand times.

After the limited supply of party buses in Orange County get booked up you will have to go outside Orange County to find a party bus to rent and you will have to pay more because they will charge you extra for travel time and fuel charges to get to you! So our best advice to you is... if you're making plans to rent a party bus in Orange County; book it early for best selection.

5- Who Provides The Alcohol In The Party Bus Rentals?

A very important question! Glad you asked.... Almost all party bus companies found that supplying mass quantities of alcohol for 20, 30 or 50 partying people was driving Orange County party bus rates through the roof... so we all stopped doing it! It's cheaper for you to buy your own alcohol at Costco and bring it with you! So that's how we roll now! We supply the party bus... you supply the booze. Unless of course, you are under 21... in which case... NO ALCOHOL for you!! Mixed group of under and over 21's... no alcohol... sorry! If you are over 21, drink before you get on the party bus, at a bar along the way or after you leave the party bus!

6-Our Last Party Bus Driver Was A Real Jerk!!

We hear "our last driver was a jerk" stories all the time. So read this next part before you book...

Almost no one asks about the driver when they rent a party bus in Orange County! We think that's weird because your driver has a LOT to do with how much fun you have!! That's why we pay more to hire experienced party bus drivers and match the driver with the event. For Winter Formal and Orange County Prom Party Bus Rentals and other youth functions you want a kid friendly driver experienced in serving young people. For adult party people you want a "been there, done that" driver ready to handle a full night of adult exuberant partying and drama!

I know this may sound crazy but it takes a lot of "special" experience to drive a bus full of party people drinking, dancing, screaming and blasting the sound system till 2, 3 or sunrise! Yes! I did say sunrise... see after the last call for alcohol at the club your party bus becomes the after party bus and you can drink alcohol till sunrise if you like! Wow... bet that just gave a lot of people a new understanding of the party  bus craze among young adults! Anyway, like I said, you want a driver who can handle a LOT of craziness and let the party roll on...

7- Who Has The Best Party Buses In Orange County?

If ever there was a subject we could write a book on it would be orange county party buses! We've seen some really yucky party buses in Orange County... they are old buses with low end sound systems, suspensions that bounce you all over, have crappy sound and light systems and have cheap looking interiors... they rent out for about $100 per hour. Seriously... you can just believe us or rent one and find out they suck the hard way!

We've also seen really expensive, really awesome party bus rentals in Orange County... they rent out for about $250 to $350 or more per hour but they are worth it if you've got lots of bucks to burn! So as you can see party bus rental rates in Orange County are going to be all over the map!

We chose not to buy the really awesome party buses because they are just too expensive and we know from experience there are only a very few customers who are willing to spend $250 and up per hour on a party bus rental in Orange County or anywhere else! And we chose not to buy cheap, junky party buses because we also know from experience that the large majority of Orange County residents do not want to party or be seen in an old, possibly unsafe, relic of a bus that bounces on every bump just to get a really cheap party bus rental rate... those are popular in LA and the Inland Empire!

Party Buses we offer

The party buses we chose to offer on this site are pretty much in the middle! You get a very reasonable rate and a very nice looking SAFE party bus! One you are not embarrassed to be seen getting into or pulling up to the club in! And you get a smooth ride with all the fun electronics like DVD's, IPOD hookups and a powerful sound system... plus plenty of soda, water and ice for the booze you bring on board! You also get a friendly, experienced party bus driver to help make your event a blast... If you read #5 above... You know how important THAT is!! If you are looking for a Luxury Party Bus in Orange County, please click the link

8- How Do I Compare Orange County Party Bus Rates?

Well you could just call a bunch of companies and ask for a quote! That's what we do! And that's what the other companies do too! It's boring, time consuming and frustrating but we call each other and pretend to be customers then ask for a quote!! Espionage in the Orange County Party Buses business, exciting huh? But that's why party bus rates are all pretty much the same! It would be laughable if it wasn't such a time consuming, boring and annoying task! See, when you call, you have to answer the same questions over and over again: how big a bus? How many passengers? What day, date, time? How many hours? Where do we pick you up? Where are you going? How long are you staying? On and on....So why do we do it?

We do all that calling so you don't have to! We do all that to save you time and to offer you a very competitive price quote for the party bus you want to rent! We don't want to miss the opportunity to help you have a good time just because you got a quote for $20 less! So, by knowing what party bus rates and prices other companies quote customers for Orange County Party Bus Rentals, we keep our prices right about even with theirs! And just so you know we are serious about that, we offer you our exclusive best price booking guarantee...

9- Why Are Some Party Bus Rentals MUCH Cheaper Then Others?

Not all, but some of the cheap party bus rentals in Orange County are often offered by companies operating illegally! They can offer a really cheap party bus rental rate because they are NOT licensed by the state and they are NOT insured so that cuts there operating cost in half! And because they are not licensed they do not have to maintain their party buses to CHP and DOT standards so they skip preventive maintenance and cut expenses way down. How can they get away with that? They just paint a phony number on the side of their party bus and hope they don't get caught! So they stay under the radar for years until they have an accident or get pulled over for speeding etc. ... It is very frustrating to those of us who operate legally.

And since they are already breaking the law and operating illegally they just pay their drivers cash under the table so they pay no state fees, taxes, workman's comp, disability, or social security tax. That knocks off a whole bunch more in operating cost! And since they are operating outside of state regulation they can operate old buses and do not have to maintain their buses very well because the CHP will never schedule them for a mandatory vehicle inspection because they are not registered. So when you take out all the costs of operating a safe, legitimate party bus rental company, you can offer the cheap party bus rental rates in Orange County!

The question is:

Do you really want to support their illegal behavior by riding with them? Deep down inside are you one of the good guys or are you one of the many that talk about being a good guy but quickly throw in with the liars and cheats if it will save you a few bucks?

You Don't Want Any Of These Stories To Be Your Story

Read these party bus rental horror stories then learn how to avoid them.

Our party bus rental was really late picking us up! Stressed us all out! Or even worse...
Our party bus never showed up! We called the company a 100x's but no one answered! Our night was ruined! We HATE that party bus company.
The picture on the web was nice but the old party bus that showed up to get us wasn't!
Our driver was a real jerk who had a bad attitude!
Our party bus got a flat... no wonder, when we looked the tires were almost bald!
Our party bus rental smelled really bad...
Our party bus was just dirty inside and out
Our party bus broke down and ruined our event... left us stranded!
There were only a few off brand sodas and very little ice in our party bus rental
The sound system, lights, AC or heater didn't work in our party bus!!
Our driver was a real jerk!! We mention this one twice because it's really important to have a cool driver! Having a jerk driver with a grumpy attitude will ruin your night
Our driver kept getting lost... he/she was such a jerk!!
Our driver was a jerk! He went the long way, made us too late to get into the club for free!
The police towed our party bus while we were in the club! We had to take taxis home!

Straight up! Most of these stories came from people who rented their last party bus based on the cheapest price.

Our advice is to stay away from those cheap party bus rentals. There are many reasons why they are cheap and you just read a lot of them!

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