Anaheim Hollywood Party Bus Tours

Orange County is known for its great beaches. From Newport Beach to Sunset Beach, there is a wide variety of things to do. Shop the locals, visit art galleries, lay on the beach all day. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon for little money.

Another great way to see the sights is to rent a mini party or charter bus. Anaheim is a tourist hot spot. There’s a lot to do and see from heading out to a group day at Disneyland or a mid-evil meal at Buena Park’s Midevil Times. But dont stop there!

Anaheim Hollywood Party Bus Tours are hot! A distinctive culture is visible throughout both cities and an Anaheim Hollywood Party Bus Tour is a fun and affordable getaway where you can have lots of guests. Most buses seat at least 16 people.

The French Quarter Restaurant is a great destination – nestled in the heart of West Hollywood and surrounded by shops and boutiques that make up the French Market Place. Renting a party bus to tour all the local merchants with a group of people is sure to be a great time. Eat, shop, drink and relax!

Contact us for a Los Angeles party bus hire or an Orange County party bus hire! We’ve got great deals on party and charter bus rentals from Anaheim to Hollywood!